Tracking Route of School Bus
The Mobile App shows the route and the time taken from Point A to Point B by the bus till it reaches school.
Notification on Parents Mobile
Mobile App notifies the parents about the bus route , the stops it has crossed and time it would take to reach their child’s bus stop.
Control of School Authorities
Through this App school can define the routes , bus stops, activate and deactivate the drivers, add parents and assign student a route, bus stop and driver.
Extra Features
Ensure Child Safety
With the increasing incidence of crime, GPS enabled school bus tracking system ensure s the safety of the child on the way to school and back home .
Promote Child Health
It saves valuable time which parents can use to make the child eat breakfast and get ready, instead of rushing the child to the bus stop and wasting 10 to 15 minutes waiting for the arrival of the bus.
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The App Is Available For

Set up your tablet to sync Driveruncle App


School admin can get full access of portal. On there PC, get notified.


Download Driveruncle Mobile App, get notified.

Driver Uncle Screenshots

Our Integrated School Bus Tracking System Allows Parents/Teachersto Track the position of School Buses. This  GPS System Sends SMS Alerts to the Parents Accordingly

Ravi Thakur

This system saves the time and provides the accurate location of the bus.

Mr Dinesh

This system provides a level of safety equal to a supervisor on every bus.

School Bus Tracking Messaging System Download

Control of School Authorities

iOS Application coming soon !

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